About Us

When watching KEROSENE, You are immediately grabbed by the voice. The catalyst for Kerosene is Karri Fedor and her incredible voice. Her vocals channel the raw energy of Janis Joplin with the smoothness of Patsy Cline. She has the “it” factor times ten! There is no doubt about it, when watching her perform, you are seeing star quality.
She will surely have you rocking in your seat….if not on top the table. 
Her stage presence is full of feisty fire, charm, and vulnerability. She takes you with her through a well of emotions, delivering each song as though she were living it first hand..
Her passion for music is contagious! 

The sound of KEROSENE is hard to classify.  We play a little bit of everything for everyone. You never know what song you will hear at a KEROSENE show, but we can guarantee you will love it.  

Karri Fedor and Kerosene provide a unique experience as they take the listener on a ride of hard driving rock and country. It’s the voice that will grab you, and keep you coming back for more.